About Us and Our Personnel:


We offer your Child:

a safe and peaceful environment in a country setting, far away from negative city influences.

highly-qualified and motivated teachers with a low learner-teacher ratio.

a disciplined environment with compulsory afternoon study that is supervised.

hostels supervised by caring sleep-in staff.

nutritionally balanced meals and snacks (on-site bakery)
extramural activities which include swimming, soccer, netball, cross-country, chess, debating society, media club, science club and choir.
recreational facilities which include a pool table, table tennis, finger boards and an indoor swimming complex.

We offer you:

Unparalleled value for money.
the peace of mind of knowing your child is well taken care of and receiving an excellent education in a safe and happy environment.
You are most welcome to speak to our Principal or any of our teachers.
Contact us to arrange a visit – we’d love to show you around!
You can also browse the photo Page for a virtual tour of our school.
We offer you the following Subjects:
Grades 1–3 (Foundation Phase): Outcome based education.
Grades 4–6 (Intermediate Phase): Outcome based education.
Grades 7–9 (Senior Phase): Outcome based education.
Grades 10–12 FET – Further Education and Training.

English (Home Language), Afrikaans (First Additional Language), Life Orientation are all compulsory subjects.

Learners must choose one subject from each of the following groups: (Grades 10-12)


Our Principal, School Manager and Office Personnel:

  Melinda Swart
Owner and Manager
Louise Einkamerer
Bertie Digopoleng
Thuso Manyatsi
Natasha Thomas
Personal Assistant

Our Teachers:

  Dorah Khosa
Maths, English, Life Skills,
Afrikaans Gr R & 1
Sarah Sethibe
English, Maths, Life Skills,
Afrikaans Gr 2 & 3
Anja de Beer
English HL Gr 4,5,6 & 7
Cordine van Bosch
Maths Gr 7,8 & 9/
Maths Lit Gr 10
Sumanrie de Lange
Afrikaans Gr 6,7 & 8
EMS Gr 8
Creative Arts Gr 9
Louise Hein
English Gr 8
Natural Science Gr 8 & 9
Afrikaans Gr 9
Marisel Loubser
Tourism Gr 10, 11 & 12
Afrikaans Gr 10
Ferdie Oosthuizen
Life Orientation Gr 7-12
Technology Gr 9
EMS Gr 7
Helen Olieh
EMS Gr 9
Economics Gr 10, 11 & 12
Accounting Gr 12
Judith Nyatsvimbo
Maths Gr 10 & 11
Physical Science Gr 10 & 11
Yvonne Prinsloo
Geography Gr 11 & 12
Maths Lit Gr 11 & 12
Riandra Mulder
Business Studies Gr 10, 11 & 12
Creative Arts Gr 7 & 8
Bernie Gates
Social Science Gr 7,8 & 9
English Gr 9
Geography Gr 10
Claire Cobb
Life Science Gr 10, 11 & 12
English Gr 10
  Ella Hitge
Afrikaans Gr 11 & 12
English Gr 11 & 12

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